Tuesday 12 July 2022


Erasmus + 

Project Number 2019-1–IT02-KA229-063323 


5th LTTA Program in Acquaviva delle Fonti – Italy

C5 – Promoting equality

8th – 15th  may 2022

The aim of this document is to show the feelings of our students in this Eramus program in order to sum up our trip with the best moments for us each day of the week with photos and some anecdotes.

The team who have participated in this project are:

  • As student:  Elena Aranda Gamiz, Mª del Mar Bono Lucas, Irene Gascon Caruana, Carla Graullera Ros and Carmen Guillem Núñez.

  • As teacher:  Noelia Aleixandre Bonanad and Àngela Burguete Monfort

Sunday 8

“When we arrived to Italy I was very excited because I wanted to know were we were going to sleep”, said Irene.

“The taxi driver was very nice.” said Mari.

“We had dinner in a bar that had a ground floor, some pizzas, I had a basic margarita and my friends wanted to innovate to try new flavors, but Carmen and I didn’t” said Carla.

Monday 9

“It was the first day of high school and we were going to meet everyone and we were nervous and happy. “ said Elena.

“The Italians, Bulgarians and Romanians made their presentation. We danced with the Italian students, it was very funny!!” said Irene

“The Italians taught us some typical dances from there. They explained us that dancing is an important tool to avoid any kind of discrimination. After that we ate and did a group work on geography, in which we learned a lot about it.” said Carmen.

“Another thing that I loved was the food that they gave, it was great.” said Mari

“Three countries exhibited their work and we began to talk a little more with the Italian students. In the afternoon, we visited the major of Acquaviva, he was really kind with us.” said Carla

Tuesday 10

“We spent all day on a trip and talked more with everyone, ate the typical pasta and enjoyed it very much.” said Elena

“We made a quite long trip a little more to the center from there and we really enjoyed it, we had a great time.” said Carla

“We went to Lecce and Otranto by bus. I really enjoyed these two cities, they were very beautiful. We had lunch in Lecce I ate orecchiette which is a typical type of pasta.” said Irene

Wednesday 11

“We presented the project and we were nervous but everything went great and we had a great time, also presented Turkey.” said Elena

“The Turkish team made the presentation and we did it too. I was quite nervous but everything went well.” said Irene

We started doing group work where my friends and I started to socialize a little more, that same morning I made an Italian friend and she is the one I miss the most” said Carla

“Afterwards I had a great time since we had to make a video about equality with people we did not know from other countries. At night we had dinner with all the countries except the Italians but we became more friends with the Romanians.” said Mari

“We did a group work and met new people, in the morning. In the afternoon we went on a trip to another ancient city, Matera. Furthemore, in the evening we went to dinner with some of the countries.” said Carmen

Thursday 12

“We made another excursion to some very beautiful cities where we saw many things, spent the whole day outside” said Carmen.

“I especially enjoyed Alberobello, it was amazing.” said Carla

“ I liked the most was Alberobello, they all had beautiful white houses and we ate delicious pasta there that amazed me.” said Mari.

“We visited beautiful cities, I bought lots of souvenirs and at night all countries had dinner together.” said Elena

“We were very tired and we had dinner with the Bulgarian and Romanian student.” said Irene.

Friday 13

“It was the last day at the institute so we watched videos of the whole week and also the ones we recorded on Wednesday which were very cool” said Mari.

“The hardest day of all, saying goodbye to the Italians hurt us a lot, we became very fond of them, they gave us our diplomas.” said Carla.

“We had to say goodbye to the others and it was very hard. We had dinner with some countries because some left before. I was very sad. I really like the dinner but when we left I started to cry in the middle of the street.” said Irene

“At 11 o'clock we took a taxi and we returned to Bari to a cool B&B.” said Carmen.


“In the evening we all had dinner together, except for some countries that left before and we had a great time but we cried a lot” said Elena

Saturday 14

“We went for breakfast and walked a long way, but it was worth it. We were able to go to the beach!!!!” said Elena.

“We went to find a breakfast place near the beach, as I enjoyed that orange juice. In the morning we went to swim at a beach and in the afternoon we walked around Bari and its shops” said Carla.

“At dinner time we went to a restaurant and watched Eurovision. When we came back to the hotel we saw the votes and we had a great time.” said Mari.

 “At night we watched Eurovision with the teachers and we suffered a lot when we saw Eurovision, we started shouting and clapping at midnight” said Carmen and Irene.

Sunday 15

“On the last day of Erasmus, we were all very sad and didn't want to leave. We spent the day in the city, shopping and looking at things and we ate ice cream!!!! The last one.” said Carmen

“ A very sad day to know that we were not going to set foot in that city again, in the morning we took another turn” said Carla

“We spent all the morning shopping and for lunch I ate pasta, it was delicious. Then Noelia started to feel bad and I was a little scared. A taxi took us to the airport and we had to wait a lot, so we continue shopping. When I was in the plane I was very sad and that was the worst part of the day.” said Irene

“We ate spaghetti with meatballs, it was very good. and we went to the airport.” said Mari

“When we boarded the plane there was a beautiful sunset and I was in seat 2C, it went by very fast and we arrived in Spain. We were sad, tired and thinking about repeating the experience next year” said Elena.



Erasmus + 

Project Number 2019-1–IT02-KA229-063323 


4th LTTA Program in Certeju de Sus – Romania

C4 – (Re)act against bullying and hate speech


19th – 26th  march 2022

1st day

March 19, the day of the big party in Valencia (San José), we got up early but not to go to "La Mascletà", our mobility to Certeju de Sus (Romania) begins today.

We take the plane and at 3:30h we arrive in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The adventure begins!!!

We take a van to be able to move freely around the country. We're 7 people (5 students and 2 teachers), and in no time we arrive at the apartment we have rented for one night, leave our bags and go to visit the city. Everything is new and different!!! And how cold it is!!!

After doing a bit of sightseeing we asked for a good place to try traditional cuisine and we loved it. They also entertained us with some traditional dances.

We are going to rest, it has been an intense day, and we need to recover strength for tomorrow!

2nd day

Sunday, March 20, we woke up in Bucharest, had breakfast and started our route through Romania with the rental van.

We enjoy the wonderful snowy landscape crossing the Carpathians while listening to good music.

We arrive in Brasov to visit Bran Castle, known for the legend of Count Dracula (inspired by Vlad Tepes). It is a beautiful, very cozy medieval mansion with towers and connecting rooms and a spectacular snowy setting. 

On the way out we tasted Romanian food at a street market, with the cool temperature!

We continue the journey to Deva with the van, and at an improvised stop, we enter an authentic bar where we meet the owner and a family with a daughter, called Andalucía! Enjoying the authentic Romania.

We arrived at the Belazur hotel in Deva at dinner time and we stayed, anxious to start living with people from other countries the next day!

3rd day

Monday was the day we met the Certeju de Sus high school and the other Erasmus’ students.

When we arrived we were welcomed with a typical Romanian dish.

Next, they showed us the facilities and we exchanged gifts that we had prepared for the teachers.

Afterwards we played soccer and also played a game to know each other.

It consisted of passing a thread between us and each one had to introduce himself, having the thread, you stepped on it, so when the thread had passed through all of them, a geometric figure remained on the ground.

Finally we went to eat at a restaurant and returned to our hotel where we had free time.

4th day

On Tuesday we got up, went down to breakfast and at 8:30 we arrived at school.

We started the Spanish team making our presentation and then it was the turn of the Turkish team.

 At the end of the presentations, we had lunch and later it was the Romanian team's turn to present. When we finished them, we reflected on them and went back to the hotel to eat.

A few hours later, we visited the Deva fortress, where its history was explained to us. By the way, to get there we had to climb a ladder with many steps. At that time the fortress was under construction, but it did not prevent us from visiting it.

At the end they left us free time for Deva. We decided to have dinner with the Turkish team in a pizzeria. There, a Turkish teacher had the idea of ​​writing how the day had seemed to each of us on the tablecloth paper. This idea ended up creating a very nice moment among all. At the end, we went back to the hotel and went to sleep with good memories.

5th day

On Wednesday, we got up and went to breakfast, which like every day, we had breakfast at the hotel. 

After breakfast we took the bus to go to the institute in Certeju de sus.  When we arrived, at 9:00, both teachers and students began to do a craft that consisted of painting a gift that we would take home that said Romania and some posters of each country. 

Once finished we saw the presentations from Italy and Bulgaria. Later, as always, at 11:30 we had our coffee break. 


At 12:00 they took us to see and dance some traditional Romanian dances.  When we finished we took the bus and went to eat, we finished around 14:40

When we had all finished, they took us to visit Giardini di Zoe and Arboretum Park of Simeria, it was necessary!

After visiting everything we had free time in Deva, we went to a shopping center and spent the afternoon. When it was time for dinner, we went to a pizzeria. We had a very good dinner!

6th day

On Thursday we went to the Corvin Castle of Hunedoara, a castle with different architectural styles and very beautiful. There we attended a very interesting guided tour and then they let us visit the castle freely.

At the end of the visit, we went to eat at a restaurant near the castle, the food was very good.

Then we went back to Deva and they gave us free time. So the Spanish team decided to go on a little excursion where we could see a waterfall. We also suggested Hassan and Nurcan (two members of the Turkish team) come with us and we all left with the van together.

The excursion was quite short, but the waterfall was very beautiful.

Returning to Deva, to the Belazur hotel, we rested a little and then we all went down to the last supper. After dinner we put on music and we all started dancing. We were very excited because it was the last night there. Then the Romanian teachers appeared with an Erasmus cake and gave us all the certificates. It was a great surprise!

Finally we all went to sleep, thinking that tomorrow would be the last day.

7th day

On the last day we got up quite sad and went down to breakfast. 

Afterwards we went on a hike to a forest that was full of snow and mud but the trees were so beautiful and silvery that it was worth it!!

At the end of the excursion we went to the school to play our last soccer game and say goodbye to all the Romanian people.

After that we went to the hotel to eat with the people from Turkey and Bulgaria. 

Finally we said goodbye to everyone (it was too emotional) and we went to load our bags in the van and start a long trip of 5 hours to reach Bucharest at 01:00 a.m. Everything was very strange but exciting at the same time because we were in a hotel sleeping for only 2 hours! 

The next morning we went to the airport to drop off the van and wait for the flight. We had breakfast to gain strength (we looked like zombies) and finally we got on the plane to make the 3:30 hour trip to Spain. When we got off the plane we took our bags so we could go to the exit together with our families who were waiting there.

It was an incredible trip where we made new friends and had a great time. I would repeat it a hundred times more!